The Walt Yanis Tribute Show

(For anyone who didn’t know, Walt Yanis bass player and vocalist for Sweet Cider passed away on December 23, 2010 after a battle with cancer.)

I wanted to let you know about the Walt Yanis Tribute Show, an event we’re putting on for our departed friend Walt. Many thanks to Tony and Stu from Lucky Ticket and Chris Melco for all their hard work in making this happen. Many thanks too, to all the musicians who will be participating. Hope to see you there.

This set of photos are ones that I took. This is Lucky Ticket along with Eric Yanis on guitar and vocals, Mike Yanis on bass and later on Joe Kilcullen playing bass and vocals and Jim Senese sat in on guitar.

There’s a full screen option on the player for better viewing.

The Flood Road Band, Tony Vine supplied the individual photos, and I took the rest. Thanks for helping out guys.

The Dyer Switch band, Tony Vine supplied the individual photos and I took the rest.

Aged in the Hills with Joe sitting in on guitar. These are all photos from my camera.
Great set and good to see them again.

“Who are all these people?”
“Not Cider, Sweet Nothing, Geezers?”
Over the years Sweet Cider was fortunate to have some amazing musicians join them on stage. At the Walt Tribute, Joe and I asked several of them to help us out. Jim Senese on banjo, guitar and vocals, Pete Zinnar on mandolin, Mike Yanis on bass, Tom Benson on mandolin, Nick Viscio on fiddle and Eric Yanis on guitar and vocals.
Juiced Acoustic was a name Jim Senese came up with after he had played with us at our 30th Anniversary party in 2007 so we decided that’s who we’d be at the show.

JP Yakel took the group photos and Tony Vine the ones of me and Joe.

This is the last set of photos that I took. It’s a jam session that just sort of sprung up after the Juiced Acoustic set. Some of the folks on stage are : Jim Senese guitar and fiddle, George Schacher on guitar, Tom Benson, mandolin, Laurie Travis guitar and vocals, Marty Roberts vocals, Dave Tokarowski, harmonica, Gil Durkee, bass and Dave Twarog on drums.

This is video of the Juiced Acoustic set with Eric Yanis singing “Wait A Minute”. The band is Jim Senese, Joe Kilcullen, Pete Zinnar, Bill Kilcullen, Mike Yanis, Tom Benson, Eric Yanis, and Nick Viscio.

(This was my first attempt at editing video in quite awhile so I’m gonna go back and redo it some point)

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