(The recordings were made using a variety of methods, and as a result the quality varies. I’ve also left them just the way they were recorded including all the talking and joking in between songs.)

2/17/11 – All of the shows now have their own page which opens in a new window. If you care to comment on an individual show you can do that at the bottom of this page.

Index of Recordings
First Demo 1978 WRPI Mostly Folk 1979 The Bannertown Fair / August 1981
Russ Gleaves Recordings 1982 The Electric Grinch / March 5, 1982 The Electric Grinch / March 6, 1982
Fort Plain / August 8, 1982 The Rozmyncko Brothers Pig Roast 1994
Calamity Jane’s Coffee House 1995 OTB Show – Florida Town Hall w/ Cedar Ridge – 1996 Live From The Town Of Thurman – 2005
First Night Saratoga / 2006 / Set 1 First Night Saratoga / 2006 / Set 3 30th Anniversary / 2007 / Set 1

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  2. eyani1 says:

    What was going on in “Yo Brothers Intro Pt. 2” with the keyboard?

    • Bill Bill says:

      LOL!!! The whole Yo Brothers thing was still evolving. This was just the second time we let them appear. The keyboard is a Yamaha Qy 10 sequencer that I still have. We used it as sort of an intro while Tom was leaving the stage and the Yo Brothers were coming on. I have some video (on VHS so I’ll have to convert it) that I’ll post in the future of this show. I’ll be posting the second tape of this show today. It’s all Yo Brothers, and the sequencer comes into play again. BTW your dad does a hilarious bit on tape 2.

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