Winter 1981/1982 Photos

I wanted to make sure I got a post in for December so I have a few pictures to share. The first four photos were taken at a show we did in the ski lodge at Scotch Valley Ski Area on February 28, 1982. You may notice that Walt’s not in the pictures. The previous week Walt was offered the opportunity to go to Mardi Gras and he jumped at it. We were all happy for him, but were left with the job of finding someone to fill in on bass. We had a full weekend booked, Friday and Saturday night at the Grog Shoppe in Schenectady and Sunday afternoon at Scotch Valley.

We somehow got Cherry Schacher from Aged in the Hills to fill in. We had never played with Cherry, and as far as I know she had never seen us play either. It was going to be a strange situation to be sure. Friday night about an hour before we were to play Cherry met us at the bar and we gave her a crash course in “Cider”. Any songs that Walt sang lead on, Joe or I would sing and instead of three part harmony we would just have two. Cherry was able to pick up on what we were doing, and the two nights at the Grog Shoppe came off much better than we expected.

Sunday Cherry met us at Tom’s and along with Al Zubal who was going to drive we set off for Scotch Valley. We set up in front of the windows that faced the slopes and it was very cool to turn around occasionally and see the people skiing down. Al Zubal took the photos after we were finished playing and we were all joking around with different instruments. You can see a white van outside the windows, which was Tom’s. The bright light above Cherry is a skiier with a torch coming down the hill. They had what they called a “torch run” at the end of the day, with a bunch of skiers coming down the slope with torches. It was quite a spectacle. If you view the slideshow full-screen, you can see a bunch of smaller lights behind the real bright one, and those are the other skiers. In the picture with the four of us at the bar, there’s a Moosehead Beer advertisement on the wall. Any time we would see Cherry we would joke that “we have picture of you with Moose” in our best Boris Badenov voices.

Picture #5 was taken at an Adirondack Bluegrass League show in Corinth in either January or early February of 1982. The featured band was going to be Country Gazette, one of our favorite bands, and we certainly didn’t want to miss it. It snowed all day the day of the show but we weren’t going to be deterred. There were quite a few of our friends going to the show, there may have been ten of us total, and we all piled into Tom’s van and headed up to Corinth.

It was a great show, and we decided to buy the latest Country Gazette album, have them all autograph it, and then raffle it off at an upcoming OTB show. The picture was taken after the show, and Roland White suggested that we look like we were fighting over it. That’s Alan Munde and Roland White pulling at the album with Tom. The ride home was another boozy one as we seemed to stop and have a drink at every bar between Corinth and home. It also continued to snow the entire night.

Footnote: In a real bit of irony, Joe won the County Gazette album that we raffled at the OTB show.

The last picture holds a little mystery. I think it was taken at Walt’s apartment on the corner of Perry St. and Campbell Ave. in Schenectady. That’s Walt’s son Mike and Joe’s daughter Megan with Tom. In the background is Tom’s first wife Deb. This was taken sometime between the fall of 1981 and the winter of 1982, I’m not sure exactly when.

So a little slideshow for the end of 2011. There’s plenty more to come in 2012.

Happy New Year!!

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