More Loose Ends

We’ll try and tie up some more loose ends in this post. Most of the photos were taken at Tom’s cousin’s place in Mariaville. We were playing more and looking to book more jobs, so publicity photos were definitely needed. Tom’s cousin’s wife Sherry offered to take some pictures for us and their farm was the most logical place to do it. Tom had Sweet Cider T-shirts made up and it was decided that’s what we’d wear for the “photo shoot”. The dressing alike thing was something that Tom was always trying to push. He felt it looked more professional, since that was how most bluegrass bands of the day were dressing. Matching outfits it turned out were not really our style.

Individually our appearances were changing too. I was the only one that still wore a beard, although I had cut my very long hair. By the end of the year the beard had disappeared from my face also.

I’ve included the only picture I have of us performing at the Royal Mountain Bluegrass Festival in August of 1978. The following week we’d meet Glenn and become a five piece band. The bass Walt played that day was a Rickenbacker stereo bass that he had borrowed from our friend Ron Frank. This was our first “high profile” gig, and Walt was concerned his gear wasn’t up to snuff. Another recurring theme for the next thirty plus years.

The next set of photos are related to the The Sweet Cider Bluegrass Festival Experience – Part 2 post. These are the pictures of us performing on stage at the Berkshire Mountains Bluegrass Festival band contest. If you look closely at the first photo, you can see some folks standing to the left of the stage getting ready to perform. Those are the members of a band called The Bluegrass Samurai, and the bass player in the photo is our friend Nick Barr.

I also talked to Glenn recently, and he said that he still regrets not taking the fiddle contest more seriously. He thinks he may have been able to place second to the eventual winner Mark Oconner. I was mistaken in the original post about that, as I had thought he had finished second, when he actually placed third.

So that should tidy things up for the time being although I’m sure I’ll run into more loose ends along the way.

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