Loose Ends

I can finally start tying up some loose ends. I started this using the materials I’ve kept over the years, but I knew that Tom had saved nearly everything related to Sweet Cider. A couple of weeks ago I received all that Tom had accumulated, so now I can go back to some of the earlier posts and add more photos, newspaper articles and ads that appeared in the newspapers.

The first set of photos are actually before Sweet Cider came into being. There’re a few of Tom and I at my house in Burtonsville. I’m assuming these are early 1977 since there’s quite a bit of snow on the ground. There are a couple of “Schoharie Turnpike” with Chris Schultz on the banjo (I think those two may have been taken at the Lost Valley Inn, but I’m not certain), and there’s one photo of Tom and Chris at what I think may be The 1976 Corinth Bluegrass Festival. If you look close you can see the guitar Joe’s playing is an Ovation, by the end of the year he had purchased a Gurian guitar.

The next set of photos are from early 1978. There are three photos from our first gig at the Quaker Inn, and I’ve also included some of the newspaper ads for some of the places we were playing at the time. The rest of the photos were taken at Tom’s house on Argo Boulevard in Rotterdam. These were the first publicity photos we took, although I don’t think we ever used them. It was early spring (March) in 1978 and some of the photos were taken on the steps leading to Tom’s attic, while others were taken outside.

I’ve included the “infamous” ad for our performance in Gloversville during the weekend of the 1978 Corinth Bluegrass Festival, in which it appeared we were opening for Selima the belly dancer. There’s also a letter of congratulations from the Mayfield Business Association, informing us of our 2nd place showing at their bluegrass festival, and assuring us that our winnings were in the mail. There’s also a picture of Joe at the Gurian guitar factory in this set.

So that’s the first of the “loose ends”, I’ll be adding more very soon.

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