The Electric Grinch / March 5, 1982 / Fourth Set

This is the last set from March 5, 1982 that I have recorded. Once again Chris Schultz is on the banjo.

We started things off with a couple of songs about the south, “Showboat Gambler” and “Dixieland”. I dedicated “Showboat Gambler” to Walt’s brother Al, who had been one of the participants in the previous weeks Mardi Gras adventure. I remember when he returned from New Orleans, he was sporting a white boat captains hat complete with gold braid. It was only natural to hang the Captain Al name on him.

“Knocking on Heavens Door” by Bob Dylan was next and was actually quite long (6:05). The next night, Friday, the club owner had some issues with us playing such a long slow song, but more on that later. “Gone Gone Gone” got us back on the bluegrass path.

Our version of “I Know You Rider” was a mix of The Grateful Dead, The Seldom Scene and Sweet Cider and we always had fun playing it. This recording was on two different tapes, so I had to do some editing in the middle.

The next song, “Casually”, was one of my songs. This is another song that, like my friend Jim says, “fell through the cracks.” After that we picked things up a bit with “Good Morning Country Rain”.

The last song on the tape is “Armadillo Breakdown”, a Pete Wernick tune. I don’t think it was the last song of the set since at the very end you can hear us starting “Friend of the Devil”.

That’s the entire show from the Electric Grinch on March 5, 1982. I have the next night, March 6, with Tom playing the banjo, and that will be showing up here soon. We may have to put some more of “Beanie’s Bootlegs” up first though.
If you’d like to download the show head over to the Music page. Look for the March 5, 1982 Electric Grinch Show.

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