The Electric Grinch / March 5, 1982 / Third Set

I realized today that I lost the month of May and most of June. Not quite sure where they disappeared to, but they sure did slip away fast. I get sidetracked pretty easily these days and I guess that’s why there hasn’t been much activity here at the Museum lately.
So onward.
Here’s the third set from March 5, 1982 at the Electric Grinch with Chris Schultz playing banjo.

We kicked the set off with one of our bluegrass tunes, “Sitting on top of the World”. There’s a nice acapella thing going on at the end.
“Mighty Mississippi” was a song we first heard played by the band Spectrum (with Bela Fleck on Banjo) and it fit us real well. It was also one of the shortest songs we played

The arrangement of “I Wonder Where you are Tonight” was one we heard the Bluegrass Cardinals do. Walt and I liked the alternating harmony on it. Many years later our friends, the guys in Cedar Ridge, copied our version. We did have to explain that we had copied that particular version ourselves.

After doing a few bluegrass songs we began to play what I guess we would call our “newgrass” material. The New Riders of the Purple Sage’s “I Don’t Know You” was a song we’d been playing since we started. Listen for Walt’s harmony at the end.

Disco was the rage in the early ’80’s, and we did our part with the Gloria Gaynor song “I Will Survive”. I don’t have too many recordings of this, so this is kind of special. We rarely if ever played this one after 1982. We first heard this done by Spectrum a few years earlier.

Peter Rowan’s “Midnight Moonlight” was a song that we could jam on and this recording is almost 7 minutes long. One night at practice we realized we could incorporate a little Grateful Dead into the jam section.

Alot of the songs we played tended to be a little short so in some cases we’d try to put two songs together to sort of lengthen them out. That’s what we did with the Rolling Stones “As Tears Go By” and my song “On my Mind”
If you listen to the background chatter at the end of this you’ll notice that Tarzan may have been in the audience.

We finished the set with the Marshall Tucker Band’s “Fire on the Mountain” another good song to jam on.

So that’s the third set from March 5, 1982 at the Electric Grinch in Schenectady NY. We did one more that night, and that’ll be coming soon. If you’d like to download any of the songs you’ll find them here. Just look for the March 5, 1982 Electric Grinch Show.

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