The Electric Grinch / March 5, 1982 / Second Set

It’s funny how listening to these old tapes can bring back memories. It’s just as funny to me how many things I don’t remember. The second set provided that for me. We had a guest harmonica player, and so after listening ,I sort of remember but not too clearly. Although I don’t remember his name, I do remember him being there. If anybody does know who the mystery harp player was, please let me know.

We kicked the set off with a bluegrass tune, “Little Cabin Home on the Hill”, Walt sang in his best bluegrass harmony tenor voice on that one, and we followed with a Grateful Dead song, “Jackaroe”. “Mama Don’t Allow” was next, a good song to jam on, and that’s when the mystery harp player joined us.

Walt and Chris had gone to the Mardi Gras the previous week, and you’ll hear alot of references to that throughout the recording. We did “Me and My Uncle” next, another good song for harmonica. It seemed to bring out the wannabe percussionists too.
Ever since we had been playing we always liked to take songs that we enjoyed listening to, and “ciderizing” them. “Losing End” was a Neil Young song I’d always liked, and it seemed to work for us. I always loved the harmony that Walt sang on it.

We learned a bunch of New Riders of the Purple Sage songs right from the beginning, “Glendale Train” was one. The banging really gained in intensity on this one. (not sure if it’s a beer bottle, glass, foot or what).
After “Sharon’s Song”, one I wrote, we did “Angel From Montgomery”. I always thought the harmony on this one was great. Angel was also a friend of our’s, one of the Mardi Gras contingent from the week before.

“Hamilton County Breakdown” was a banjo song that Chris did a nice job on, and the last song was another bluegrass song, “Fox on the Run”. Walt’s tenor part on this one is really nice.

And so that’s the second set, if you’d like to download the Mp3’s, navigate to the music page and look for “The Electric Grinch / March 5, 1982” set. Two more sets still to come.

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