Pig Roast / 1994 Part 3

I decided to post part 3 of the Pig Roast series next. It was more of a technical thing than anything else. Part 2 will follow shortly. I’ve also come to the realization that I’m going to have to come up with a better way of presenting the files for download. Having them all on the 1 music page is already confusing me. So in the near future the music page will be an index of all the tapes and you should be able to locate a specific tape easier.

This tape has us doing our best jam-band imitation on a couple of songs. “I Know You Rider” has Tom, Joe and Walt playing some great leads. “I’ll Be With You” was always one of our favorites because of the harmony. I always put this song near the end of the set so that Walt had a chance to get his voice warmed up. I’m sure no one ever noticed, but Walt never sang the first song of the first set. He said he needed to get his vocal chords loose before he sang lead.

At the end of “I Don’t Know You”, you can hear me saying “Highland Dream”, but I decided not to include it here.
“Gonna Give Up On Me” is a song that I wrote. The original title was “You’re Gonna Give Up On Me Baby”, but I shortened it so it would fit on the set list.
“Age” is a Jim Croce song that we had been doing for awhile, another one where the vocal harmonies played a big part.
I realized this is the third set, because we talked about doing “Stop In The Name Of Love” again.

“Showboat Gambler” was still a song we had a great time playing, and having to play a lot of songs at this type of gig, gave us the chance to play some of the Bob Dylan tunes we knew. This version of “Knocking On Heavens Door” doesn’t include the up tempo part at the end that we added in later years.

Walt and I knew “Driving Wheel” from a Tom Rush recording, but this version is a Walt Yanis/Sweet Cider arrangement.
“Midnight Moonlight”, a song we had been playing from the beginning, always had a jam in the middle. We never knew what direction it would go, and this cut is no exception.

Over the years we probably played “Wait A Minute” more than any other song. We just liked the way we sang it, and it seemed that folks liked it too. I remember how it just rang through the hills when we played it that day. Unfortunately the tape ran out before the end.

If you’d like to download the Mp3’s you can go here, you’ll have to scroll down the page to find them. I’ll be putting Part 2 up in a couple of days.

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