Pig Roast / 1994

Ok I admit it, this is a little more daunting task than I had anticipated. Trying to post something every day like I had hoped hasn’t been happening the past week. Still I’m determined to carry on, and on that note I’ve gotten another set of recordings ready to post.

This is a 3 tape collection recorded in August 1994 at a Pig Roast in the Helderberg Mountains that was in reality a wedding reception a year removed. We may have played 4 sets, but I only recorded 3. We liked playing at these types of affairs because it was in a more relaxed atmosphere, and we got food and drink to boot! We also had to play a lot more songs, so we were stretching our memories a bit on some of them.

1994-96 were sort of transition years for us. We were still playing many of the songs we started out with, but were beginning to think about doing more originals. “White Freightliner” was a holdover that we still enjoyed playing and “Stewarts Landing” was one Tom had written about his cabin up North. A fellow in his 80’s asked if he could play spoons with us on a song and that’s who Andrew is. You can hear all kinds of people in the background and it sounds like everyone’s having a good time.

We had been working on our Yo Brothers songs for a few months and decided to do them here. The intro on “Hold On I’m Coming” was how we originally started it. I’m not sure why we changed, might have been that we needed to shorten things up. We experimented a little bit that day and that’s why you can hear the guitars being played through chorus pedals on “Hickory Wind”. Tom does a great job on the banjo on “Four Days of Rain” which is one of the better versions I have.

“The Longer You Wait” is another song I totally forgot about, Tom did too that day, and you can hear me teaching it to him before we start. We really had the “Sweet Cider Harmony” going on this one. “Bye Bye love” is preceded by me stepping on my guitar cord and creating all the feedback. “Home Again” was a song we had learned in the last year or so and was one we really liked playing. There are a lot of instances on this tape where our voices were one. It’s something we always strived for, get the voices so close that you couldn’t tell who was singing the melody.

“Eleanor Rigby” and “Friend of the Devil” were 2 songs we had been playing for many years and would always please the Grateful Dead and Beatles fans. Tom would occasionally mess up the intro or ending on “Walking the Dog”, and we’d always have a laugh teasing him about. This day was no exception.

“West Texas Wind”, a song that Walt liked to sing, was always a band favorite. There are places during the harmony, that we reach the “one voice”. Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” always seemed to catch people by surprise, and I think I always counted it off too fast. Walt was amazed that I always remembered all the words as fast as we were playing it, of course I’m sure he didn’t catch me messing them up here.

So that’s tape 1 of Pig Roast / 1994. The second tape will be up soon, and if in the meantime you’d like to download the Mp3’s you can go here, you’ll have to scroll down the page to find them.

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2 Responses to Pig Roast / 1994

  1. Eric says:

    I always liked west texas wind, i couldn’t find to many other artist doing the song, oddly enough the dixie chicks did it. I learned to play in in G which is somewhere in the neighborhood of how you guys do it.

    • Bill Bill says:

      G’s the key we did it in. I don’t where we picked it up, Joe might remember, but it was way before the Chicks were Dixie’d.

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