Beanie’s Bootlegs

Walt’s mom, Albina (Beanie) Yanis, was a huge fan of ours and when she came to see us play somewhere, she would bring a small portable cassette recorder (the kind with the mic built in) and tape the show. Walt’s son Eric, who dubbed this collection “Beanie’s Bootlegs”, sent me copies and I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of them. The majority are from 1979-82, and considering how they were recorded and their age, have held up quite well. They’re by no means pristine recordings, but I thought still worth adding.

September 30, 1979 / WRPI Mostly Folk
I was tickled to find this one, it’s a 30 minute radio show we did in 1979. Jackie Alper (who at one time sang with Pete Seeger and the Weavers) hosted a radio show called Mostly Folk on college station WRPI in Troy, NY. This particular show I think was a showcase of local talent and included other performers. I’m pretty sure Colby Sno (Doug Dickens and Beth Larrabee) was also there that day.

The recording does have some issues, for one, the sound man was having a problem early on. Glenn’s solo on the first song is non existent and my vocal drops out. I think some of the places where the sound changes are due to issues he was having and the others I attribute to 30 year old cassette tapes. There are also some places where the tape is stretched resulting in that annoying pitch change.

Still, in spite of all that some good things did come through. We had been playing with Glenn for over a year now, and everything was very together. The instrumental leads, the vocal harmonies, arrangements and overall performance were excellent. The audience there was great also as you can hear.

Jackie goofed introducing Joe as John Kilcullen, and the first song, one I wrote, I had totally forgotten about until I listened to this tape. I thought all the picking on I Know You Rider and Sweet Georgia Brown was terrific. The arrangement of Sweet Georgia Brown, is one I had forgotten about. It has some really neat stuff going on at the end.

You can find all the tracks for download here.

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2 Responses to Beanie’s Bootlegs

  1. Mary Cirincione says:

    Bill – Awesome job of pulling everything together!!
    Who would have thought Beanie’s Bootlegs would be the famous following of Sweet Cider? Miss you guys!

    • Bill Bill says:

      Thanks Mary
      I couldn’t believe that this show was one of the ones she had. Totally forgot we did this, but as I listened to it bits and pieces started coming back.

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