The 30th Anniversary Party – Set 1

(Loose ends. Seems I’ve always got loose ends to tie up.)

Thirty years is a long time to be doing something. But thirty years can slip on by pretty darn fast. Sometime in 2007 “Bukka Bob” suggested we have a 30th anniversary party. The four of us had come together to form Sweet Cider in October of 1977, and the idea of a party was always a good idea to us. So October 17, of 2007 we got together with a bunch of friends at the Quaker Inn in Duanesburg, the site of our first gig New Years Eve 2007, and played some music, reminisced and had a ball.

I recorded all three sets, never realizing that these would be the last recordings we’d ever make. Not many people have heard these tapes, they’ve been sitting around for nearly 10 years. All the talking, joking around and shenanigans of a Sweet Cider show are here. This set features a reunion with our friend Glenn Nayden on mandolin, who we hadn’t seen since he graduated college and went to live in California in 1980.

(The individual mp3’s can be downloaded here:

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