Freedom Park – 2002 – Part 2

Time to post Part 2 of our first Freedom Park show in 2002. It’s funny how many of the songs that we played I’ve forgotten. Joe is the same, because when I post one of these shows he doesn’t remember some of the songs either.

The first tune on this video, “It Wasn’t You”, falls into the “I don’t remember playing that!”, category. I was even more surprised to hear the segue into the second song, “Back to the Mountains”. We must have added that instrumental piece to make the transition a little more interesting..
“Back to the Mountains” is another song that Jim Senese and I made up.

Right after that, Tom, Joe and Walt left the stage as I introduced the Yo Brothers. We had been doing the Yo Brothers for eight years in one form or another. Most of the time we wouldn’t leave the stage, but would do a quick hat change and then break into “Hold On I’m Coming”. As time went on and we saw how well received the boy’s were becoming, we began to make them a larger part of the show. Tom bought the matching green shirts that the fellows became known for, and I started to expand my introductions as well, making up more outrageous stories as time went on.

Once the other guys had changed, I’d leave the stage to get my shirt, and they’d start riffing. A Yo Brothers segment always led off with “Hold On I’m Coming”. I think EIEI Yo was a little pumped up on the song this time around.

Yo Yo sang the next song, “Let Me In”. He did a real fine job on it too. Day and EI nailed the harmony, but then they always did. Choreography was an integral part of the “Brothers” act and they did a nice job “stomping”. The Wilson Pickett song, “Walking The Dog”, got the “Yo” treatment next. Day Yo provided the swine noises, as well as a nice recitation of Mary Mary.

Being the only purveyors of Rhythm of Bluegrass in Wisconsin, the Yo’s pulled the Supreme’s song, “Stop In The Name of Love” from their catalog and it was a real show “stopper”. Day Yo followed with his commercial for “Uncle Thumbs Udder Butter on a Rope”, a real big seller in Yomama. I’m pretty sure that Day was getting a bigger cut from the Udder Butter products than he was letting on. He never could explain the two Jaguars in his garage…..the animal not the car.

“I Feel Good”, complete with faux Kazoo’s was next. The Yo Brothers always felt good. After their last song, Day, Yo and Ban left the stage, and EIEI delivered a nice introduction of the band which Sweet Cider failed to do. He was then unceremoniously kicked off the stage. Walt when he came back on stage delivered one of his patented quips about the “fat one”…

A nice way to switch from the Yo Brothers silliness was to slow things down. So we played a Senese/Kilcullen tune, “You Are The Reason”….always one of my favorite tunes that we made up.

And that end’s Part 2….thanks again to Mary Cirincione for shooting the video…Part 3 will eventually be posted…LOL

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