Rock Stars

In the fall and winter of 1978-79 we began playing quite a bit in Cobleskill. Our main venue was a very small club in a strip mall in the middle of town called Uncle Jack’s. I was approached by “Fiddlin’ Duane Morgan” to have the band come and play there, filling in for his band, and when we did we were totally unprepared for the reception we received. Every time we played there the audiences were incredible.

Those shows at Uncle Jack’s landed us more jobs in town. We played at a few more of the local bars, and also did a couple of shows at the Cobleskill College Coffeehouse (the name escapes me right now). For whatever reason, our unamplified acoustic music was a big hit, and I’m still astonished today at the reaction of the folks there.

In May of 1979 we were asked to play at a Music Festival being held at the School’s ski lodge, and of course we were eager to play. Although we had been well received for all the Cobleskill gigs, we were totally unprepared for what happened on that day.

I really don’t remember when we were scheduled to go on, but it was either next to last or we closed the show. After several of the bands played we took the stage, and were greeted with a roar from the crowd…… And it never stopped! Throughout the entire one hour set there was a constant hootin’, hollerin’ and cheering. It was amazing!…..I’m sure the fact that we tended to play everything at breakneck speed in those days had something to do with it.

So for one day in May of 1979, we were “rock stars”………I’ll never forget it…..

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