Live – Saratoga First Night – 2006 – Set 1

(After an extended hiatus I’m posting the first set of our First Night Saratoga performance from New Years Eve 2006. Some of the recordings from that show were put on a live CD we did called “Ten Pack”. These recordings are some of the best I have of the band.)

We performed at Saratoga First Night five times. The last time was in 2006, and these recordings are from that show. This is the first of three sets.

We kicked things off at around 6pm with one I wrote, “Little Lies”. There’s a weird little vocal twist on this song, as on the first part of the chorus, I sing a harmony part, and the second line I’m singing the melody. Walt does the opposite. I’m not sure who Tom was talking to,probably some friends of ours.

“Remington Ride” was next, with Walt’s now famous flat picked bass solo.

Joe was up next singing “Raised by the Railroad Line”. Tom and I did a little bit of choreography on this one too. Made us both laugh whenever we did it.

Now at this point I would have preferred to just keep playing, but was voted down. After a short breather we did Walt and Tom’s song “Rolling Down That Highway”. That song was voted “Song of the Year” for 2005 by the Northeast CMA at their annual Awards Show.

Walt told a real funny story after that. I had originally put it on the Ten Pack CD, but Walt asked me to take it off for fear Aunt Betty might be offended. I stumbled over the intro to the next song, “California Cotton Fields”, but managed to untie my tongue for the rest of the song. We played this alot back in the early days and decided to resurrect it for 2006.

Listening to this version of “You Are The Reason”, which I wrote with Jim Senese, makes me quite proud. The arrangement and vocals are everything we were trying to do with “Sweet Cider Music”.

“In Not Too Many Days” written by Walt was the perfect follow up to “You Are The Reason”.

(Tom always complained that he couldn’t read the set list. He also was never sure if he should capo or what key he was going to play in. I tried to “simplify” things by making him a special set list. It included capo changes and the appropriate key. It was color coded and printed much larger. I was a thing of beauty. It also confused the hell out of Tom, and needless to say I never used it again.)

Joe sang the next song, “Steel Town”. We always liked this one. We played it with alot of energy, and the vocals really shine.

One of my favorite Walt Yanis songs, “No Win No Place No Show” was next.

We played 40 minute sets that evening, so we had just enough time left to do two more songs. First up was another old song we revived, one I wrote called “On My Mind”. We closed the show with another instrumental, “Lonesome Fiddle Blues”. It featured some great picking and another Walt flat picked bass solo.

And that was the end of the first set at Saratoga First Night 2006. I’ll be posting all the Mp3’s for the entire night soon.

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