The Cidermart – Walt’s Version

Sweet Cider over time became it’s own cottage industry. If you came to a show you’d be able to find CD’s, T-shirts, hats and even fishing lures. We did quite well marketing these items, but Walt felt we needed to expand and so he came up with a selection of merchandise he felt would be sure fire hits. And so I give you Walt’s Sweet Cider Merchandise.

DSC_5566 #1 Sweet Cider Cologne – Comes in three distinked scents. “Pasture”, “Barn” and the ever popular “Where have you been walking”.

#2 Sweet Cider Pez Dispenser – Comes in 4 different styles. “Tom”, “Walt”, “Bill”, and “Joe”. NOTE – The “Walt” style can hold and dispense up to 10 Pez candy packages at the same time. Optional shoulder harness and holster available.


#3 The Joe Kilcullen Public Speaking Course. – Yes friends, learn the secret technique of Joe’s unmatched ability as a master communicator. Understand the true meaning of ” Less Is More”. Hear the heart touching story of how it all began after hearing that old Keith Whitley song “When You Say Nothing At All”. Course comes with full color manual, charts, overheads and Joe’s award winning high quality 8 second video, “When You Say Nothing At All”.

#4 The official Walt Yanis Autobiography ” The Duct Tape Luthier “. – Walt’s own story of a lifetime of instrument repair and maintenance without ever entering a music store. Comes in hardcover, paperback, or special duct tape edition.

#5 The Bill Kilcullen Astral Projection Method. – Learn Bill’s patented technique of literally being able to ” beam” to any desired location and back without moving a muscle. “Now you see him, now you don’t, oops! now you see him again.” Amaze your friends. Comes in handy when you’re late for work or an appointment. Instantly ” project yourself ” to the head of the line of admissions gates, food vendor services and porto-johns at those crowded music festivals. Surprise your friends by “popping” into their rooms while their having sex. The possibilities are endless. Order Now !

Additionally he also planned to market these items, although they never went into production.

The Sweet Cider Inflatable Date. – Made from lifelike nonbiodegradable material . Comes in 4 models. – ” The Joe”, “The Bill” “The Walt” and “The Tom”. Note – “The Tom” model comes with removable teeth.

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