Two from the ’90’s

(After further review, only one of the songs is from the ’90’s. The other is circa 2003-06, although I have as yet been unable to pin down the exact date)

Eric Yanis just sent me 7 sets of tapes’s that were Walt’s, and as I was giving them a quick listen I came across these two songs which prompted me to post them along with some photos. “Healing Kind” caught my ear immediately. The harmonies actually got me a little emotional. I can’t believe we sounded that good.

The tape it’s on is one that I recorded on my Vestax four track recorder. I then gave a copy to Walt. It’s from a show we did in Gloversville in December of 1995 at a small club called The Acoustic Cafe. It was run by Gary Van Slyke, an old friend from the early days playing around Mayfield who we probably initially met at the Buckshot Inn.

As I said this was a rare find. Joe doesn’t even remember doing the song. The tape starts out with some onstage banter, the first part of which centers around Walt’s “guitar case”. Walt was still playing the Kramer bass that he had bought during our early days. I’m not sure if he originally had a case for it, or if he did what happened to it, but there was a long period of time where he didn’t have a case. In typical Walt fashion he would just wrap the guitar in a sleeping bag and that would suffice as a case. Needless to say it amused the rest of us to no end. At this point he had finally gotten a case, but we saw no reason to stop kidding him about it.

The “and we’re his Bluegrass Band (Boys)” came about when I believe it was Dan Rumph (sp?), who introduced us once as “Here’s Tom Yanis and HIS band”. So throughout the show whenever I would say “Here’s Tom Yanis” or “On the banjo is Tom Yanis” or “a song written by Tom Yanis”, Joe, Walt and I would gleefully follow with “and we’re his Bluegrass band”.

“Stray Dogs and Alley Cats” is from one of our appearances at the Altamont Fair between 2003-06. We would play every year in the 1890’s Building and Museum. And again the harmony on this song was really tight. Well all except for a couple of clunkers I threw in.

The photos are mostly from the nineties.

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    “He had his case, and he had his home.”

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