The Electric Grinch / March 6, 1982 / Set 4

(Wow! Four months and no new posts. This is a “tying up loose ends” post. The last of 8 sets we played March 5-6, 1982 at the Electric Grinch)

Our last set at the Grinch was played before a pretty “liquored up” audience. For that matter we were probably feeling no pain ourselves. The first 3 minutes of this tape are a little messed up. I’m pretty sure it’s the nearly 15 year old tape itself. We got the set going with the usual announcements and then broke into “Pig in a Pen”.

We slowed things down with my song “B-25”, and followed that with the Gram Parsons tune, “Still Feeling Blue”. Next we played Walt’s song, “Keep Me Rolling On”. I was surprised when listening to it, that there was no vocal harmony. I guess we hadn’t worked anything up yet. We were also playing it much faster in those days. Of course we seemed to play everything faster back then.

“Bugle Call Rag”, an instrumental, was next. Everyone got a chance to solo, although there is a spot in the song where it appears no one was sure who was supposed to be playing. Those kind of things happened at the end of an early morning set.

We kept things bluegrass with “Little Cabin Home on the Hill” and “How Long Have I Been Waiting”. The harmony on the latter was really good. I can’t believe I used to sing that high.

We closed things out with “Mama Don’t Allow” and “Armadillo Breakdown”. We had developed a fondness for Amaretto Liqueur, and we renamed “Armadillo Breakdown” “Amaretto Breakdown”. And so ended two night and eight sets at the Electric Grinch in March 1982.

I’ll be posting all the Mp3’s for the entire night soon.

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