April 16, 1994 – Benefit Concert for Indian Relief – Part Three

This is the third part of the the show. The four songs in this segment are ones we played often in this time period. “White Freight-Liner was a hold over from the ’80’s, but the other three were songs we had learned from about 1989-1994. After 1998 we didn’t play them as often, as we were spending more time on original material.

I really like the interplay between the banjo and guitar and the bass lines on “West Texas Wind”. The vocals were very solid too. “I Wonder” was a nice change of pace song, and Tom had some nice banjo fills going on. “Home Again” had a nice banjo / guitar harmony part on the break, and the vocals were some of our best. I was still able to sing the song back then. Later on I became harder to sing it well, as it began to slip out of my vocal range.

Walt always said “Home Again” was one of his daughter Heather’s favorites.

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