(Keeping with the theme that there is no theme, I thought I’d post a few things that I came across. A few photos and photo slideshow.)

Hometown Bluegrass Band
Tom booked a job playing for the Town of Princetown in July of 2006. We were originally scheduled to play in their recently completed gazebo adjacent to the town hall, but the very real threat of rain forced us to move inside town hall, where we played to a wonderful audience.

Princetown is the next town over from our home of Rotterdam, so the folks there were familiar with our music and really embraced us. So much so that in the weeks preceding our show they asked if we would loan them some of the awards we had won so they could put them in a display case in their Town Hall.

Not long after our performance Tom received this in the mail. This was the first time we had ever received anything like this, and it was quite humbling. I really don’t know of any other town’s that had an “Official Bluegrass Band”. Proclamation

We joked that since Princetown had honored us that perhaps that was where we should purchase some land to build the Sweet Cider Museum.

That December we played in the Village of Delanson prior to the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train, and were honored by being named “Official Bluegrass Band” of the Village of Delanson. Once again an unexpected honor.

Caroga Lake Historical Musuem
The next photo was taken at the Caroga Lake Historical Musuem. We had finished setting up and had some time before we were to play so Walt and I found a place to relax at one of the exhibits. Contemplating Life at the General Store

It was August 12, 2006, and I remember it was really cold that night. The folks who came to listen didn’t seem to mind though. The audience was large and included several of our friends including Jim and Rose Senese.

I also remember that a can of soda that I had in my knapsack burst thoroughly soaking the contents including the set lists that I was always so careful with.

Hall of Fame
We became members of the NorthEast Country Music Association in 1998. That same year we were named Bluegrass Group of the Year at their annual awards show. It’s significant, as 1998 was the first year there was a Bluegrass Category, and we were the first winners.

Over the years we received many nominations and awards, among them three more Bluegrass Group of the Year awards.Hall of Fame Plaque In 2005 upon receiving our fourth award in the Bluegrass category, we were elected to the NorthEast Country Music Associations “Hall of Fame”. This is a picture of the plaque each of us received.

It was indeed quite an honor. It also made us aware of how long we had been playing music together, nearly 30 years at the time. Quite an achievement by itself.

Shoot For The Stars
(Update: 12/20/12….Eric had the demo for Shoot for the Stars. I’ll post it soon.)

It took me awhile to figure out what year this next photo was from. I was diligent and deduced that this is from the 2003 NorthEast Country Music Association Awards show at Proctors Theater.Shoot For The Stars

This was the last awards show held at Proctors. They were beginning an extensive renovation and would be unavailable for use. This show had the theme of “Shoot For The Stars”, and was very well produced. Walt wrote a song called “Shoot For The Stars” specifically for the show, and it was performed with an ensemble to open the show. I don’t have a recording of the song, and wonder if there even exists a recording. It would be interesting to find.

Here a Yo, there a Yo…….
Finally here’s a photo slideshow of the infamous Yo Brothers. The background music is from a show they did at Calamity Jane’s Coffeehouse. Some of the locales where they appeared are Goold Orchards, Freedom Park and Proctors Theater. Sometimes entertaining and always annoying, the Yo Brothers somehow managed to weasel their way onstage at Sweet Cider shows. When last seen, they were heading off into the sunset.

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  1. eyani1 says:

    I have the demo recording of dad doing “shoot for the stars” its a bit odd hearing him do three part harmony with himself.

    • Bill Bill says:

      Ahh, if you can get a copy to me I’ll add it here. Or maybe in a separate post. I have some photos from that show. I’m also gonna check around and see if the show version is floating around out there.

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